House Bierman is an architectural wonder with its own personality. The organic home is a timeless space almost carved from the earth to be a grounding arena. The brief is an eclectic, creative style where there is a need to balance an existing art collection with updated feature walls and floors.

The tile colour palette is natural but darker than usual, evoking different emotions in each space. Playing with colour and light transforms the simple walls to moving backdrops for the every day routine of life. A dramatic entrance with a spiral staircase grabs your attention as you enter through the front door. A shine catches your eye and a kitchen greets you as you turn the corner. Tucked away in the more intimate main bedroom, a calming underwater bathroom restores your soul after a long day.

This home inspires the owners every day, they are greeted by each masterpiece as it bounces off the textured walls. All senses are engaged in a perfect blend. This space will forever be one of my favourite projects.

Behind The Scenes


If you love what I've done with the place, I'd love to speak to you about making your home more grounding, more inspiring and a place where you can restore yourself.

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